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Corsets 101

All about corsets!


Why do women wear corsets?     

There are few different purposes for wearing a corset.    

1.  To make the body appear super-attractive, and skinnier instantly.   Corsets hold in the waist, and push up the breasts for that desired hour-glass look.

2.  Corsets can help you lose weight.    By putting pressure on your stomach, you will feel fuller faster when eating.   While corsets may not be the largest factor in your weight-loss, it can definitely help along the way.

3. Corsets are great for the back.   For people with back problems, this could be one of your solutions.   Corsets provide amazing back-support, while keeping you sexy at the same time!

4. Corsets are good for your posture.   It is nearly impossible to slouch when wearing a corset.   The boning will make it very hard to bend.   

5.  CORSETS ARE SUPER-SEXY!    Corsets are now becoming a huge new trend.    If you go out to a trendy bar or club, chances are you will see the bartender wearing one, or notice someone else wearing one.   You will see how hot that corset makes them look..  Besides being worn out, they are very commonly used in the bedroom to turn up the heat!   Most guys will definitely appreciate a corset being worn for lingerie, that's something we can guarantee ; ) 


Different types of corsets and corset terms:

Corset Top  -  Corset tops are simply just a top to cover your torso and shape your body for that desired look.   All our corsets have boning structured in them.   The corset boning is what makes the corset strong to pull in your body like an hour-glass.   All our corsets also have laces in the back, for a great adjustable fit.    CorsetChick carries the largest variety of corset tops.  Both regular and plus size corsets all the way to 6XL!    To read more about corset tops, you can check out wilkepedia here in there corset top page.


Corset Dress -   Corset Dresses  are a corset top, matched with a a skirt. has a beautiful collection of skirts.   Petticoat skirts, tutu skirts, Goth Skirts, Punk Skirts, Lolita Skirts, ruffle mini skirts, satin mini skirts, leather mini skirts, school girl skirts, etc. to match with our corsets for the perfect corset dress!   Here you can see what Wilkepedia writes about a Corset Dress .


Plus Size Corset  - we call plus size corsets, any corset that is available in sizes 3xl-6xl, which fall in the dress size range of 16-22.


Underbust corset - underbust corsets are a corset that just goes on the waist and does not cover the breast area.   It acts as a waist cincher.  


Corset CostumeCorset costumes  are costumes that include a corset.   We take a corset top, and match it with a skirt, and add matching costume accessories to make sexy Halloween corset costumes.   You can also do your own mixing and matching to make a custom corset costume!   We have bunny corset costumes, pirate corset costumes, dark angel corset costumes, ant much more :)























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