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We pay 25% commission on sales. This is the HIGHEST COMMISSION from all the lingerie websites! We also have the lowest prices, to have the best conversion rate. We estimate about a 2.5% conversion rate, and average sale of $60. offers a wide range of products, and to many demographics of women.
Corsets are our specialty. We have by far the largest variety in the industry, offered in both regular and plus sizes. Best prices by far as well.. Corsets are used for many occasions. They are used for costumes. So late september and october when Halloween is coming up, corset sales are huge! They are commonly worn under a wedding dress. So great for bridal sites.. Also used as lingerie, or a night out, parties, etc. Plus size women love corsets, and most of our corsets are available in plus sizes, available all the way up to dress size 22! We have many groups buying corsets in bulk as well. Such as bars or clubs using them as uniforms, or dance groups/theatres placing $1000 orders for 30 corsets at a time in many cases! We have a large variety of age women wearing our corsets. From about 14 years old, to 60+! Cross Dressing men are a large market as well.
Again, the theme of our website.. Largest variety and best prices. Anyone searching for these things will make their purchase at our site. Lingerie is of course a huge seller around Valentine's Day, and also actually a common Christmas present and bought for new years eve.
Clubwear is exotic dancer clothes. So any site related to that demographic would work well..
Huge selection of hosiery. Pantyhose, tights, stockings, bodystockings, etc. Any women needs hosiery. And we also offer unique, cool styles of tights that are great for funky teenagers or tweenies, etc.
Goth wear:
We offer many black gothic corsets, corset dresses, and "lolita" skirts that are perfect for goth or punk styles.
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